Time Management ~ by Glenn Watt

On January 14, 2017, member Glenn Watt’s TLI presentation was an overview of the best research on how to achieve goals. Here is a summary:

Vision, Goal Setting, and Goal Planning

Vision creation
– What would I like my day to be like in 5, 10, 15 years
– List of 20 huge crazy goals
– What will people say at my funeral

The parts of goals
– Why
– Asking why three times
– The emotional why
– How
– Routines
– Goal properties
– When
– Who
– What
Lead and Lag Measure
Outcome goals Vs Performance goals

Goal planning
Unpacking Goals
– Project Milestones
– monthly
– weekly

– Daily
– Weekly
– Monthly
– 3 months

Daily schedule
– Urgent vs important
– Control vs responsibility
– Routine vs goal

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Need a challenge? Join an advanced club.

Is your regular club meeting all your needs to advance your speaking and leadership skills beyond the basics?

Is it difficult to schedule time for advanced speeches or to get advanced evaluations? Are you feeling you have to hold back so as not to intimidate guests or new members?

Do you feel you’ve learned everything there is to learn in Toastmasters?

Do you want even more fun and skills?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a new challenge. One way to challenge yourself is to join an advanced toastmasters club. (Yes, you will have to pay another membership fee but even at four memberships, in my opinion it’s the best deal around.)

District 64 has seven advanced clubs: Keystone Speakers, Parliamentary, Virtual Toastmasters, The Officers Club, Talking Books, Comedy Club, Eh? and ASAP. Each will challenge you in a different way! Please check out their websites to see if you qualify for membership, ask to visit a meeting and participate to see how you can grow.

If your club is meeting your speaking and leadership needs or has helped you, tell the world how great it is – put testimonials on your club website and other social media and (most importantly) tell your friends, family and co-workers.

Looking for ways to meet your needs, goals and ambitions in communication and leadership?  Toastmasters can help.

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Club Officer Training Round 2

Do you have questions about club officer roles? Do you have an “ah hah!” moment to share? Do you know what you need to do to finish the second half of the year strongly?  This second round of training is not the same as the first.  Come to District sponsored officer training to meet with your counterparts in other clubs. If many come together to share, you may find ways to make your experience as an officer smoother and your club even better.

If you are not a club officer but would like to hear more about it you are welcome to attend.

Because sharing is critical to this part of club officer training, we would love to see every club officer come out to one of the sessions. We will not be training one club at a time! Our trainers are all volunteers and they get nothing but personal satisfaction from contributing to the District in this way. Some even book off work to do this, giving up precious vacation days. Please be considerate of everyone’s time and energy.

The first chance is December 17, 8:30 am, Viscount Gort Hotel, 1670 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg. Please send an email to David Woodcock (woodys@mts.net) with your name, club(s) and officer role session you will be attending.

The second opportunity is January 14, Canadian Mennonite University (CMU). Please register using the form on our website:  http://www.district64.ca/images/Documents/TLI__2017_Registration_Form.pdf

We are also planning a downtown noon hour event, TBA.

If your club would like to host a weekday evening session and have a facility with lots of room, please contact David.

If your club is not able to get into Winnipeg, please contact David  (copy to ProgramQuality@District64.ca) for options.

Sign up, show up, and speak up, please!


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Are you breaking laws?

Integrity is one of our core values.  Does this mean it’s ok to follow Toastmaster guidelines while ignoring local laws?  I expect few people of integrity would say yes. If you don’t like a law, fight to get it changed, don’t simply disobey.

Please note this letter sent to one of our contest chairs: “The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (LGA) received your application(s) for a social occasion raffle for October –, 2016.
Individuals and groups who are planning a one-time social event at a public place of amusement such as a banquet hall, restaurant, bar or community centre, and want to have a raffle such as a 50/50 or players’ choice at the event, are required to apply for a social occasion raffle licence.
Private businesses are not eligible for this type of licence. As such your application will not be approved.
If you wish to hold your event at any other location mentioned above, please re-submit the application (attached) or select the link.
http://lgamanitoba.ca/liquor-gaming-applications/social-occasion-raffles/.      The processing time for this type of application is five business days.”      
The chair and the host club found another way to collect the cash the District requested to help pay for prizes.  It was legal, creative and fair.  Can you do the same?

Integrity. Respect. Service. Excellence.

Sheryl Poirier

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