Toastmasters & Business – a proven partnership

Originally published October 21, 2014 in the Winnipeg Free Press

While Toastmasters is best known for its communication skills, Leadership has also been added to the skill development pool. This provides a special opportunity for companies to benefit by having a Toastmasters club on their premises. When a company sponsors a club, studies have shown that the following areas have been enhanced:
• Teamwork and Leadership Skills are developed through the regular assignments and planning within the meetings,
• Effective meeting facilitation is developed through the practice of rotating the roles in a meeting as well as regular executive meetings, which reinforces good procedure.
• Employee Loyalty and Morale are increased which also reduces turnover. When a company provides support for the learning and skill development that Toastmasters provides, it shows their willingness to to help staff improve their communication and leadership skills and thereby enhance their value to the company.
• Increased Productivity is a result of having all of our events, meetings and presentations timed which strengthens time management skills,
• Through constructive feedback at our meetings, we have found a definite improvement in the performance review process – both for the manager and for the employee.
• Increased self-confidence and communication skills. Employees that are ready to meet challenges.
To quote Ceree Eberly, senior vice president and chief people officer of The Coca-Cola Company who says, “In my role, I see a great value in Toastmasters International’s proven programs for developing great communicators and influential leaders.”
Excerpt from Toastmaster magazine November 2012, CLUB PROFILE
by Mary Nesbitt
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There are Toastmasters meetings every day of the week (day and evening) in Manitoba and North-West Ontario that would welcome you. Go to or call 204-338-7401 to find out more. No experience necessary.


One thought on “Toastmasters & Business – a proven partnership

  1. Indeed, there is no question that Toastmasters has helped my ability to speak publicly at events where I might be a keynote speaker or panelist. The confidence and polish I’ve developed through Toastmasters has also helped me acquire some amazing speaking opportunities that may otherwise not have come my way.

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