Fall Rally Presenter Info

Are you looking forward to learning about the #ScienceOfSpeaking on Saturday September 19?  Check out the Fall Rally site for the latest info.

Our program includes dynamic speakers from both within Toastmasters, and experienced scientific professionals from the National Research Council!

Catherine Keller, DTM

Learn how the Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual has been scientifically developed to help people build and retain speaking skills

Dr. Scott King, Ph. D – Team Lead, Medical Devices – National Research Council

Dr. King will share strategies for selling your technical skills to a potential client or business partner

Dr. Emma Frost, DTM – CanLead

Dr. Frost will teach you about memory, and how memories are formed and retained in the brain.

Dr. Lorenzo (Larry) Leonardi, National Research Council will be travelling from Ottawa to share information on skills required to supervise staff located in various provinces.  As NRC is located across Canada, skills developed under the Toastmasters Leadership track are very valuable.

All this and lunch for only $25.  Register today!


2 thoughts on “Fall Rally Presenter Info

  1. Look for some extraordinary ideas at this fall rally! Leadership principles in science are the same as in any system, including Toastmasters.

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