The Sooner, The Better

Did your club struggle with low membership last year?  You aren’t alone!  Perhaps your struggle was to reach the goal of 20 members (“charter strength”).  Maybe you had to add 5 members to be Distinguished.  It may be your club struggled to stay at the minimum number of 8, just avoiding suspension.  Let’s not worry about that again! Steve Chen, newly elected International Director (Region 9) offered us this little poem:

One true Toastmaster was feeling blue, met with a colleague and then there were two.              Two earnest members each enrolled one more, doubling their numbers and then there were four.                                                                                                                                                                 Four gun-ho members just could not wait, ’til each won another and then there were eight.         Eight excited members signed up sixteen more, in another sixteen verses there will be 1,024!

If each member in your club brought in one more person by the end of September, you would be set up for a great year, with all your members feeling less stress and having more success!


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