Time: Do You Have Enough?

Are you aiming to earn a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster Award)? If so, read on.

Are you aware of the requirements? If so, read on. If not go here:
Application for DTM

How close are you to reaching it? How long do you estimate it will take? One of the requirements takes 12 months to complete and that is the District service (Area Director, for example). Some may take even longer (sponsor a new club or coach a low member existing club).

Here is why Pathways needs to be taken into your long term plans if you have a DTM award as a goal.

The current program is being phased out. CC’s, CL’s, advanced manuals, HPL manuals, all will become passé. They are not simply being updated – they are being replaced with a vibrant, integrated and modern program. The two programs will run at the same time for two years past the day the last region begins Pathways. For District 64 that means you have as little as 2 years, 10 months (depending how it goes in the preceding regions) to finish your goals in the current program. So far as we know, the only projects that carry over are District service, 12 continuous months in a club officer role, club sponsor/mentor/coach, Speechcraft and Youth Leadership Coordinators.

What does this mean to your goal to earn a DTM? It means if you haven’t completed your District service requirement your options are becoming limited. It means if you haven’t completed the sponsor/mentor/coach requirement, time is running out. How do you get involved? Ask your VPE.

By the way, once it’s here, all your new members will only have Pathways. Of course, you could just put aside whatever manuals you are working on and join them! It is so exciting, you may want to do just that.

In the meantime, keep learning from the program we have and grow your communication and leadership skills. As always in Toastmasters, the choice of how much you learn and how far you go is entirely up to you!

More questions? Watch the videos here. Check out the Pathways FAQ’s.

If time management is an issue, please check back in these blog posts and refer to Glenn Watt’s blog on that very topic!


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