Let’s Celebrate the Club Builders in District 64 – by Carol Runions

They say that “the only constant is change” and this is certainly true in Toastmasters. Clubs gain members, clubs lose members, only to grow again as new members are enrolled. Clubs disappear, but every year, new clubs are chartered.  

What works this magic of regeneration?  It’s the work from dedicated Toastmasters of District 64 who are constantly on the watch for new club opportunities and for interested, prospective members.

To meet the challenge set out by Toastmasters International for constant growth in clubs and the total membership in each District, The Trio” needs the ongoing aid and support provided by these outstanding individuals.

Help celebrate the members of District 64 whose efforts have contributed significantly to the meeting of this daunting goal of constant growth by nominating them for a District Award.

Nominate the club builders in District 64 for the Jack Gillespie Builders Award!


Please go to http://district64.ca/index.php/awards/district-awards to read the guidelines for qualification for all District Awards and the directions for submitting a nomination.  

Download and complete the official nomination form.  Remember that two nominators are required.  Note that the more complete and detailed is the information you give, the better the chance that your nominee will be selected as recipient.

Time is running out! Please submit your fully completed nominations, by February 28, 2018 to DistrictAwards@District64.ca


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