Make Great Posters and Get Noticed

Getyour next EventNoticed

Looking for an easy tool to make great posters to promote your clubs on your website or social media? I am going to recommend trying

This website provides you with all of the tools you need to make visually-appealing  posters for your club’s next amazing event, or whatever you need.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to posting images on the internet. Canva also provides users with custom templates designed specifically for emails, websites, Facebook, Twitter and more. Never worry about what your posters are going to look like from one site to the next.

Get creative and have fun.

Bonus Tips for Making Effective Posters:

  • Less is more; keep your poster free of distracting elements that don’t serve the main message
  • Target only 2-3 colours and fonts; too much of either may hurt your poster more than help
  • Read out this really good blog post by Kimberly Mak on how to create effective posters
  • When in doubt, reference the official Brand Manual published by Toastmasters International for information