Almost Distinguished

These “almost Distinguished clubs” from 2016-2017 were missing the membership requirement of 20 members or five members more than their base from the previous July 1. No clubs were left out because they had the membership but missed another goal. Members clearly matter! Assiniboine Centennial Charleswood CI (Communications International) Confidently Speaking Crossroads Flin Flon Franc … Continue reading Almost Distinguished


2016-2017 District 64 Distinguished Clubs

Congratulations to the District 64 clubs who worked the program, increased or maintained their membership numbers and earned the title of Distinguished or better! How did they do it? Why not visit, observe, ask questions, listen and add their ideas to your own? Let's see your club Distinguished for 2017-2018! Distinguished: Anishinabe CHERing Voices Daytimers … Continue reading 2016-2017 District 64 Distinguished Clubs

Radio ads

Beginning May 1, 2017 and continuing for the whole month, you may hear a toastmasters radio ad in the rural areas of District 64 and Winnipeg. Check out these stations between 6 and 9 am, drive time! You can thank the Carillon Club's PR team under the leadership of Mike Poirier for this initiative! Mix … Continue reading Radio ads